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Xscape with Diane Maclean & Heidi Saarinen

Routed 2


An exhibition of collaborative video works installed within the basement spaces of Summerhall Edinburgh. 2016.

Su Grierson wrote for the catalogue:

“This exhibition brings together a collection of video works all made as true artistic collaboration, without the hierarchy of formalised Producer or Director. The artists involved all took responsibility for their own contributions to the works reached through discussion and a pooling of ideas. Falling into two groups the works are either refined over time allowing for considered inputs and discussions to take place, or they are the product of one-off quick collaborations happening within the structure of cross platform collaboration residencies. The former were created with artists coming together through their knowledge of each others practice as a conscious decision and through considerable discussion, while the residency works were made with artists coming together for the first time in an experimental manner.
These two types of works have differing styles and value. While the one has had the time to consider technical quality, concepts and structures, the quick fire residency works have the benefit of energy and immediacy and a loss of preciousness or artifice that can creep in when the initial sketches are later developed.

The fact that one artist (namely myself) appears on the credits of all of the works is merely the product of the way in which this exhibition came together – as an initial extension of Magnetic North’s Rough Mix residency held in Summerhall – which then extended to include a wider range of works completed as non-hierarchical, cross platform videos. Each of the individual works was the product of input from all of the participants.”

Su Grierson 2016.

Participating artists: Sonia Allori : Nicholas Bone : Kyra Clegg : Cal Folger Day : Rob Heaslip: Adam Lucas : Sheila MacDougall : Alex Mackay : Diane Maclean : Brigid McCarthy : Alice McGrath : Julien Pearly: Heidi Saarinen : Claire Willoughby : Rough Mix participants.

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