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Horsecross Arts, Perth Concert Hall. 2013

Part of Horsecross Arts’ Year of Natural Scotland programme, the three part Intersections project combined an exhibition of images and video, a book detailing works created during the past 17 years and an on-going public engagement in the form of talks, screenings and guided tours.

The survey exhibition of earlier artworks relating to landscape, also featured a newly commissioned video work for the 22 screen Threshold Wave. This followed from a 10-week residency in Fukushima Japan where she was able to visit the nuclear, earthquake and tsunami disaster areas and meet with the still dispossessed refugees as well as experience the beautiful snowy mountains of the Province.

The accompanying book Intersections details Su Grierson’s land related art projects over the last 17 years and unusually includes invited texts from other professionals working in the rural arena, including John Brennan head of the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh, Paul Kingsnorth writer and poet, Sascha Grierson organic farmer, Tristan Gooley writer, navigator and explorer and Jan Van Boeckel anthropologist, filmmaker and educator.

Rather than following the more usual pattern of using the book to position her work within the arena of contemporary art, Su chose to take the opportunity to relate it to the work of other professionals working in the rural environment. While her work has a visual outcome in images and video, her invited writers have outcomes that variously produce buildings, food, literature, exploration and education.

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