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Surface Tension

OVERLAP : Su Grierson : Belinda Gilbert Scott . Changing Room, Stirling Scotland. 2011.

‘Surface Tension’ : Su Grierson

“Su Grierson’s exhibition ‘Surface Tension’ which she shows alongside work by Belinda Gilbert Scott includes large new digital images and video .

The new images seek to mimic the way in which the brain works by creating complex images containing many visual layers. We constantly create storylines or explanations for all new or unknown events or information and these works allow space for the viewer to do this.

The formal structure of the work challenges the facts of habit and bias which generally inform the way in which we see the world. In other words we do frequently tend to see what we want to see or as we habitually see. These works then become a challenge to that position.

Su Grierson comments… Photography has traditionally captured moments in time, usually with great clarity, that image records intense levels of fixed detail that can be appreciated over time and through exploration of the image. This is valuable because human vision as a function of the brain doesn’t really work like that.

The brain captures millions of fleeting images which pile up into visual memories linked to other memories of experience and thought, which become linked with other events, people and places. In other words human vision is actually a memory, even if only split seconds old, which is a mess of overlapping information that loses detail quickly but coalesces into a complex memory that can change each time we remember it and can be altered by subsequent knowledge and new memories being added.”

The exhibition was accompanied by a limited set of boxed prints from each artist.

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