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Polaris Gallery. Mt Dai Mine Kita Kamakura Japan. 2010

Su Grierson a solo exhibition at Polaris gallery in conjunction with the Echo artists’ group project ‘Greening’ which included forest walks with local ecological groups and a sound workshop held in the gallery.

“This work is about two worlds, the real and the unreal; the natural order and the human desire for a perfect world dictated by our own need for order, simplicity and beauty.

I am looking for the place where these two things can come together wanting to create an awareness of each.

I believe that in order to know the natural world better and to care for it more correctly we need to see it as it is, and not just how we want it to be.” Su Grierson 2010

By fixing design on to the window glass I created a screen of pattern that can be looked through and visually combined with the real and untidy plant life outside. A complex and always moving display of shadow and reflection confounded the distance and space between within and without.

Barcode prints
A series of images were randomly displayed in the research and communal spaces of the gallery. The Barcode is now found on almost all the food we eat. Everything is made to conform with the standards and
need of modern society. I have used the barcode image to alter images of real plants, real places.

In the shadows of the gallery stairwell, a length of manufactured fabric patterned with ‘perfect’ magnolia blossoms like those in flower near Polaris, was deconstructed to imitate the way in which a real tree might break, and fall and become messy as it disintegrates in the natural way,

A series of botanical labels lead viewers around the hillside of Mt Dai Mine Offering not the expected information but an invitation into states of mind and being.

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