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Track & Trace – Grierson:McCarthy

Storm Tree – Grierson:McCarthy

Track & Trace

‘Track & Trace’ was a collaborative project between Su Grierson and performer Brigid McCarthy funded by a Creative Scotland award the project took place on ten working days scattered across several months in 2015.

Our aim was to ‘map’ a specific area of landscape in Perthshire through and with human movement. Our questions included – how can a human body tell us more about a specific space – for example the time it takes to complete a human task in relation to the time of landscape. How can human movement focus our attention, make us see into rather than quickly past a stand of vegetation. Does this intense ‘paying attention’ to landscape offer a new way of knowing.

Can a video using human movement quantify the feeling and experience of weather for example. Can we measure a fallen tree trunk in terms of the time it takes and the difficulty required to balance along it. Can we equate human limbs with those of a tree when one moves through the other. Can a disturbance of water bring together the nature of the sky above, the earth below and the movement patterns of water all within one glance.

An installation of works was awarded the Emma Herman-Smith award at the SSA exhibition. Edinburgh.

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