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Deep Beneath Within – Clegg:Grierson

Forest is….. – Clegg:Grierson

Black Tent Video

‘Black tent video’ is a collaborative duo comprising Scottish visual artists Kyra Clegg and Su Grierson. Each with an independent art practice they have also collaborated since 2010 and exhibited since 2013 jointly producing video and sound works related to landscape.

‘Land of the Living’  is the generic title of their ongoing project in which they visually and aurally represent landscape in terms of personal, social, political and conceptual engagement. The final works are an eclectic mix of stimulating locations, documented performative events and thought provoking concepts that underpin their personal engagement with the multiplicity of landscape. They represent landscape in ways that are personal, idiosyncratic, thought provoking, emotive and provocative, responding to each location or concept according to what it offers.

Their joint works have been selected for group exhibitions, film festivals and solo exhibitions in Scotland and abroad.


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