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A solo exhibition in the International Gallery at Yokohama Art Museum Japan. 2004

All our knowledge and information comes from the past: The future lies in our imagination our beliefs and ambition. The Here and Now is just a suspension of time, an overlap, between these two states. SLICE represents that moment.

The exhibition SLICE looks at landscape in terms of fragmented components. Arranged in groups as a series of tableaux, each grouping or ‘slice’ consisting of large conventional images of landscapes and its component parts, video or sound works, and selected other items such as imaginative computer images , historical images, light-boxes, simple texts and other found and acquired material. What each group or ‘slice’ represents is an accumulation of lost or forgotten information, residues of personal experiences and imaginative and cultural manifestations, all re-combined with the images of an actual place.

The exhibition’s aim was to create for the viewer an understanding of the complexity that exists in our apparently simple acts of vision. A multiple experience of seeing, knowing, feeling and imagining.

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