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Printed to accompany the exhibition Intersections at Horsecross Arts, Perth Concert Hall, Perth, Scotland. 2013

‘Intersections’ details Su Grierson’s land related art projects over the last 17 years and unusually includes invited texts from other professionals working in the rural arena, including John Brennan head of the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh, Paul Kingsnorth writer and poet, Sascha Grierson organic farmer, Tristan Gooley writer, navigator and explorer and Jan Van Boeckel anthropologist, filmmaker and educator.

Rather than following the more usual pattern of using the book to position her work within the arena of contemporary art, Su chose to take the opportunity to relate it to the work of other professionals working in the rural environment. While her work has a visual outcome in images and video, her invited writers have outcomes that variously produce buildings, food, literature, exploration and education.

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Book 21 x 21 cm Hardcover 58 pages full colour images throughout.

Paradise No Exit.

Su Grierson follows the trip to New Zealand by 2 Victorian ladies in 1897 referring back to the journals they kept, and re visits her own time in that country in the early 1960’s. She was inspired by owning the Arts & Crafts house these ladies built in the Scottish Highlands on their return, and their shared passions for textiles and photography. Both this book and the attached video are presented in the style of a modern blog/journal with many images, thoughts, comments and descriptions, relating thoughts about travel and the search for ‘Paradise’ that has survived generations.

Book 60 pages, 150 colour images, ring bound 21 x 21 cm.

The enclosed video runs 37 mins and is a UK playable Region 2 Pal DVD.

My journey through NZ can be found as a Blog at

Marking Time

A visual book with related text 2002

Printed to accompany the touring exhibition Marking Time

‘In no other way do we so publicly and graphically declare our attitudes and intentions towards nature than in our habit of marking trees’. Su Grierson

Book 44 pages . Centre staple 40 full colour images.

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Catalogue to accompany the exhibition Eyeshine.

Su Grierson uses digitally manipulated photographic images and video works to explore rural landscapes in Scotland and abroad which, though idyllic in setting, have become home to huge industrial complexes.

“Su Grierson’s hallucinatory images are simultaneously calming in their serenity and disturbing in their portent… As an artist she sets out to provoke questions. In effect she uses the rhetoric of the pastoral to cause us to pause to consider that which it so often serves to mask” Liz Wells, in her exhibition publication essay ‘Monstrous Beauty’

“Grierson imbues her subject with poignancy… these are technically impressive images. ….(she) succeeds in her aim of seducing us visually before we quite realise the troubling things we are looking at.” Elisabeth Mahoney • The Guardian

16 pages and fold out cover, 30 x 10 cm Text by Liz Wells

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