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Un-natural selection

Aerial Roots

Aerial Roots

A film, website and exhibition created with a Scottish Screen Archive Live Commission. 2007.

‘The video ‘Aerial Roots’ is a vibrant visual testament to the persistence of agricultural husbandry and production over an era of technological and scientific changes. Fast moving the work visually links present day agricultural practice with archive footage. Looking at continuity and persistence in the face of change.’

The exhibition included audio interviews, a Farmers Market in the exhibition space, a display of Government information sheets related to agriculture and various film installations, images and sound works from the archive and contemporary agricultural practice.

‘Underneath the World’ which was one part of the Aerial Roots exhibition, included 10 gicle prints and three sound-trees. The sound works comprised 3 separate sound landscapes recorded on agricultural land. Each sound work and each print began with single captured moment which was altered digitally to offer an experiential engagement with place.

The video ‘Un-Natural selection’ is about eggs rejected for the retail trade for unacceptable appearance rather than quality. Eggs are a ubiquitous foodstuff as well as being symbols of fertility and regeneration. The flaws blazoned on the defective eggs in the video have direct reference to the human form and issues of physical perfection.

A documentation of the project can be found online at

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